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LUKOIL emerged the winner in the category “Vicennial Outcomes. Dynamic Business Development” of the rating Expert-400 based on last year’s results.

During the past 20 years, the company’s revenues have increased more than 30 times over and in 2013totaled USD 141.452 billion.

The ranking of Russia’s major companies in terms of sales volume was prepared by the rating agency Expert RA.

Each year, the project Expert-400 aims to identify Russia’s largest companies and, based on their performance, analyze the role, structure and major development trends of big business. Expert-400, first compiled in 1994, initially included 200 Russian industrial companies, whereas the latest list covers twice as many.

Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Government, and Vagit Alekperov, OAO LUKOIL President, participated in the official commissioning of Imilorskoye Field today.

As part of the operations at the Imilorsko-Istochny license block, construction has thus far included several dozen kilometers of pipelines, site-access roads, power-transmission lines, a 74-meter bridge across the Entl-Imiyagun river, four well pads, a booster pump station and other production-infrastructure facilities required for a smooth functioning of the field. Production drilling at the license block started last February.

The operations are being conducted in strict compliance with the requirements of the applicable Russian legislation, including observance of the rights and interests of the indigenous population.

For the purpose of a detailed appraisal of the license block, additional seismic surveys will be performed in the area in the next few years, 20 old exploration wells will be retested and 11 new exploration wells will be drilled.

“The commissioning of one of West Siberia's major fields is a demonstration of the high professionalism of LUKOIL personnel and of the high level of technologies employed by Russia’s oil industry. I am sure that this is an important indicator of the competitiveness of the Russian fuel-and-energy complex,” Mr. Dvorkovich said.

“Imilor was commissioned well ahead of schedule, nearly six months prior to the scheduled deadline. The usual period from the beginning of geological exploration to the commissioning of a field is 5-7 years; however, Imilor's development is strategically important for the development of LUKOIL, and the company was successful in completing all the preparatory stages in a record-breaking time. In this regard, I would like to express my special gratitude to the Yugra Government for their support and contribution,” Mr. Alekperov commented.

“The commissioning of Imilor field will substantially support economic growth in Yugra for decades to come. The fuel-and-energy complex is the economic cornerstone of the whole of Russia. What we need is more fields like Imilor to be put on stream,” Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Yugra, emphasized.

Vagit Alekperov, OAO LUKOIL President, and Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, signed a protocol to the cooperation agreement between the company and the government of the republic, in Kazan today.

As part of the protocol, LUKOIL pledged to participate in charitable social projects focused on petroleum-product supplies to the consumers and better environmental safety at the company’s facilities in Tatarstan.

The Republic of Tatarstan, according to the applicable legislation, will assist the company in obtaining approvals and permits for allotted land plots and ongoing projects, in ensuring the technical conditions necessary to connect to external utility lines and in creating favorable conditions for allotting land plots to OAO RITEK for production activities.

As a top priority, the protocol promotes cooperation between the company and the republic’s machine-building and defense enterprises in the area of engineering-product supplies.

Messrs. Alekperov and Minnikhanov also attended the official announcement of the results of the 5th Contest of Social and Cultural Projects held by OAO RITEK and the LUKOIL Charity Fund in the Republic of Tatarstan. The winners were awarded with certificates.



The OAO LUKOIL Press Service would like to announce that Andrey Kuzyaev, who had headed LUKOIL Overseas Holding from 2000, got another job, in the company’s central office.

The new appointee as head of LUKOIL Overseas Holding is Sergey Nikiforov, previously the holding’s senior vice-president for development and production.

LUKOIL Overseas Holding, founded on the 4th of December 1997, manages LUKOIL’s international projects in the upstream. Today, the holding accounts for more than 10% of all hydrocarbons and for some 30% of all gas produced by the company.


A spot Internet auction to sell diamonds from Vladimir Grib field, developed by OAO LUKOIL in the Arkhangelsk territory, was successfully over in Antwerp today.

All but a few lots of thediamond batch put up for auction weresold. The auction was preceded by a show week atGrib Diamonds NV, a wholly-owned LUKOIL subsidiary in Belgium. The company intends to increase the size of the batches put up for auctions, as the production rate at Vladimir Grib field increases.

The mining and processing plant with about 2,000 workerswas commissioned at the diamond field in June of 2014. The scheduled production peak is expectedto reach4.5 million carats per year. Open-pit mining techniques are used for the field development.

“Commercial operation at Vladimir Grib field has turned LUKOIL into one of the world’s major diamond miners. Although diamond recovery is not our core business, our specialists implemented the project in compliance with the world’s highest standards. We adhere to the principles of high quality and solidity, no matter what task the company may need to solve. The first batch of our diamonds in the market is the best demonstration,” VagitAlekperov, OAO LUKOIL President, commented.